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Heat Treating Aluminum Aging, Age Hardening, Annealing- (Full, Solution, Sub Critical Anneal, Spheroidizing), Atmosphere, Carburizing, Normalizing, Stress Relieving, Quench and Temper (oil and air)

Metallurgical Testing Rockwell Hardness Testing and Brinell Testing

Specialty Services Cryogenic Treatment, Induction Heat Treating, Glass Beading, Shrink Fit, Masking

Some of the Materials We Process- Stainless Steels, Low Carbon Steels, High Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Tool Steels, High Speed Tool Steels, Inconel, Aluminum, Spring Steels, Brass, Copper

I.Q. Batch Furnace

Dimension: 36”w x 48”L x 32”H Weight: up to 3000 lbs
Temperature: 1400 degrees F- 1850 degrees F

Dimension: 36”w x 48”L x 40”H Weight: up to 4000 lbs
Temperature: 1400 degrees F- 1850 degrees F

Temper Furnace

Dimension: Ranges From 18”w x 36”L x 36”H to 36”w x 48”L x 40”H Weight: up to 5000 lbs
Temperature: 200 degrees F- 1400 degrees F
Permian Heat Treaters, Inc. began operations in 1999 and was acquired by JMRA Enterprises, LLC in 2014 and operates under the name of Permian Heat Treaters. Our Facility, which is located at 130 E. 57th St, Odessa, TX 79762, sits on a 2.5 acre lot and our building is currently 11,000 sq. feet. Since the acquisition, we have updated our offices and facilities to better serve our customers. We are also looking to expand our business services by adding more equipment in the near future.

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